Applications Overview

Buzz-o-sonic finds a wide range of applications in both research and industry (see client data). Fundamental elastic and damping properties can be measured and used to characterize a material and provide quality indicators.

  • Elastic property measurement
    • Young's modulus (E)
    • Shear modulus (G)
    • Poisson's ratio (µ)
    • Flexural rigidity
    • Other elastic constants can be calculated

  • Damping property measurement
    • Internal friction (Q-1)
      • logarithmic decrement method
      • full width at half maximum method (FWHM)  
  • Process control
    • QC module avialable
      • Develop upper and lower control limits
      • Develop pass/fail criteria
    • Cost reduction by replacing slower static testing
    • Output results to existing database or Excel®...

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