Room Temperature Systems

Several hardware options available. Contact us for a quote.


  • Young's modulus range (typical): 0.1 - 800 GPa
    - depends on specific hardware and sample size, shape and density

  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 100 kHz

  • Maximum frequency precision: 0.1 Hz

  • Maximum resolution: <1Hz

  • Window functions:
    • Square
    • Response
    • Hanning
    • Triangle
    • Hamming
    • Flat Top
    • Blackman
  • Samples:
    • Any elastic material: metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, coatings...
      - anisotropic materials can be tested, but only isotropic materials comply with ASTM E1876 and C1259
    • Minimum thickness ~0.1 mm
    • Minimum length ~0.10 mm
    • Maximum size: no limit - may need special impulse tool(s) for large, low frequecny samples
    • Standard shapes: rectangular bars, cylinder, and discs
    • Non-standard shapes: Grinding/cutting wheels, square plates, annular plates, tubes, short tubes, rings, tensile bars, headstones.
  • Elastic constants:
    • Young's modulus (E)
    • Shear modulus (G)
    • Poisson's ratio (µ)
    • Other elastic constants can be derived
  • Damping properties:
    • Internal friction (Q-1)
      - by logarithmic decrement method
    • Internal friction (Q-1)
      - by full width at half maximimum method (FWHM)
  • Certified and/or calibrated hardware: IEPE/ICP microphone, signal conditioner, Data Acquisition Card (DAQ), Dynamic Signal Analyzer (DSA)...

  • Thin wire knife-edge supports with adjustable span
    - alternative supports for grinding wheels, large samples...

  • Impulse tool(s) selected to match the samples under test

  • Polyurethane foam sheet
    - supports for testing discs and small samples...

  • Manual and Quick Start instructions in PDF format
    - As part of our environmental awareness, BuzzMac International strives to be paperless

  • Standards:
    • Aluminum rectangular bar
      (¾" x 2" x 12" | 19 mm x 51 mm x 305 mm)
    • Ceramic and other standards available upon request
  • - standards pre-tested at our testing lab.

  • Automatic impulse tool: controlled by the Buzz-o-sonic software

  • Add-on modules:
    • Quality Control (QC) Module
      - plot histograms and control charts
      - use upper and lower control limits for pass/fail criteria
      - save and recall vibration data (waveform and spectrum data)
    • Custom:
      - available upon request
We supply all that you need to perform the test.  Contact us for more details.

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