Buzz-o-sonic NDT Software

Buzz-o-sonic is a professional system for measuring the dynamic elastic and damping properties of materials, using the  Impulse Excitation Technique IET or  Ping Test. A brief explanation of this test is give here.

After several years of development, the Buzz-o-sonic software is not only easy to use but it is very powerful. The familiar, modern tabbed-interface allows several modules and add-ons to be accessed easily. The raw data for every test is stored automatically in a file based on the TDMS file system (Technical Data Management Streaming) from National Instruments. This allows raw and analyzed data to be recalled from a sample database and displayed as waveform and spectrum graphs.

Buzz-o-sonic can communicate with MS Excel®

Frequencies can be sent to any Excel® workbook, or the elastic property results can be exported to a new Excel┬« workbook.

If you want to send information to an Excel® only and not to the built-in Elastic Constants table, then you can hide this table and have Buzz-o-sonic act as a floating pallete.

This palette floats over the Excel workbook and the current resonant frequency can be sent to the active cell.

Bars of uniform cross-section and discs can be tested as per ASTM E1876/C1259. Other non-standard shapes can also be tested.

ASTM E1876/C1259

  • Rectangular bar
  • Cylinder
  • Disc


  • Grinding wheels (wheels, honing stones, cup wheels, cut-off wheels...)
  • Square plate
  • Annular plate or perforated disc
  • Ring
  • Tube
  • Short tube
  • Tensile bar
  • Headstone

A wide range of sample sizes can be measured: samples from 10 mm in length up to several meters; and thicknesses down to 0.1 mm

A wide range of testing temperatures

Kits are also available, including:

  • High Temperature Kit: our NDT instrument can be attached to an exisiting furnaces for high temperature testing
  • Lab Kit: equiment and supplies are provided for conducting a series of student labs in University teaching courses

We will add more modules as demand dictates.

  • QC Module
  • Custom modules available upon request

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